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Smart Work, Focus, and Collaboration

  • Encouraging team members to help with each other’s workload and share knowledge.
  • Regular flagging up of achievements of the team and of the organization and delivered value to customers.
  • Encouraging innovation within the team, and seeing that the ideas are shared.
  • Use of social networking technologies to promote interaction, not only about work.


Based on Customer

  • University and Polytechnic
  • Government Laboratory Research
  • Hospital
  • Private Sector

Our Customer based on Industry Sector


Industry Sector


University & Education Sector


Goverment Research Sector

Our Services

Laboratory Consultant, Design and Build

We can provide consulting services to customers in choosing the right, efficient and effective laboratory equipment meets the needs of the laboratory test: designing and building laboratory rooms meets to Customer’s needed.

Laboratory Equipment and Instrument Custom

With our network with several local workshops, we can accept equipment orders in accordance with the wishes of the customer

Project Management

Our team has expertise to do Project Management to build Laboratory based on your needed

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